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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Interesting Reading 18th Dec 2013

As you may or may not realise I am a Student of Psychology and many aspects of academic writing outside psychology catch my my interest too.  Currently as I am on vacation and I was looking for something to read outside of what I have been studying and although sociology and psychology do cross over in some places I still find sociology quite interesting.

I came across the following book on and decided to scan through the book for an idea of what it included.  I have to say the writer seems to have put a lot of work into this with 20 chapters on various aspects of sociology including one on scientific sociology in which the focus is functionalism and refers to Talcott Parsons and Emile Durkheim however he still refers to Marx theories as well.
Overall this looks like a good read so if this is young thing you can take a look here 

Another Book I keep in my Library in Smashwords is there marketing guide.  As I am published here I like to keep up to date with all of their material.  Smashwords really is a good place to publish eBooks so if you think you have a book in you why not take a look here and see how easy it is.  You can also find out how to format your book before publishing here and the best of it is these books are free.  As are many others that are published there.

One last book that caught my attention was this one because it is academic.  I remember going through critical analysis of poetry at college and I found it really difficult to pick up on all of the minor details.  I must have written my analysis about 6 times before I got it right, and wish I had seen this before attempting it.  So if you are studying literature this may be a good start to learning what to look for.

Well those are my book choices for today and over the next few weeks there will be more so please do check back and I will do my best to find cheap, or even better, free but informative academic style books for you to look at, read and learn from.