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Moving backwards in every way. Stop and think!

Face book activity has been off the chart lately with the regressive policies being signed off by the 45th president of the USA, the seg...

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Moving backwards in every way. Stop and think!

Face book activity has been off the chart lately with the regressive policies being signed off by the 45th president of the USA, the segregation of various cultures by the same 'man', the huge backwards step in science, the dictatorship of what women will be allowed to do with their bodies, and the list will surely go on for weeks or even months to come.  

The same segregation of race, colour and creed is going on under the Tory government in Britain and is not exempt from including disabled people either. This is wrong, it is wrong from any perspective. This is a dangerous road to walk down it will collapse, just as it did during World War Two.

I have many people from many walks of life on my Facebook page alone, and I am proud of this, I have Muslim and Christian believers as well as Pagan, Eclectic, Atheist and probably many others I don't know about.  I have friends from Scotland, England, Ireland, Canada, America, Iraq, India, Dubai, and Greece, there are probably more that I am unaware of.  I have black friends and white friends, gay friends and straight friends and I am actually very sad that I have to label them all here to make my point because, really it doesn't matter as, to me, we are all caring, good hearted, human beings. 

We are all living beings, with red blood, good hearts, and caring natures.  This is what truly matters to me.  The reason for my writing this is a very sad one indeed, I have noted that some people have fallen for the propaganda, I see the odd post saying the 'illegal immigrants' are taking our jobs...RUBBISH.  There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant, the definition of immigrant clearly states that an immigrant is a person who comes to a country to settle there. Every Immigrant must show they can support themselves in order to gain entry into a country, much like we do if we want to immigrate to America or Australia.   In days gone past, an immigrant was known as an emigrant, in other words, they were pioneers who farmed the lands, build the cities, and created the jobs!  So please can people stop with this incorrect use of our language!

I have also seen the occasional picture posted and its usually to do with a 'Muslim' doing something unacceptable.  It’s just a picture with words overlaid onto it with NO EVIDENCE, AND NO FACT. How on earth do we know this person is even Muslim.  Do we go about waving pictures showing what a Pagan did wrong, Do we label Christians, for example, "this Christian was banned for blah blah blah" or this "Pagan was caught for blah blah blah".  NO, WE DON'T SO JUST STOP!  This is horrendous, its causing misery to people all over the western world right now and do you know what else, it is downright arrogant.  

People are treating everyone with the same colour skin as a ‘Muslim'. Guess what, that is not their nationality!  It’s their faith, their belief, their religion.  It is also seriously annoying to see the comments relating to these people as if it was were they came from.  There is no country called Muslim, Muslimshire or the United Muslim of the Pacific Ocean for that matter.  These people come from all over the world, much like Christians, Pagans and any other religion.  You see the world is global, yes, global, and it is only if you fall for the 'alternative facts' that you will find yourself spiralling down the rabbit hole of naivety and negligence.  

Those who do fall to naivety and negligence will eventually turn around to find themselves the culprits of all that hatred they have poured onto other people.  Trust me, they will.  They will become the minority. In this world, it gladdens me to see so many human beings fighting back, standing up for moral justice, fighting for factual knowledge.  It saddens me that those negligent human beings will fall behind, and loose precious knowledge. They will continue to post these stupid, hurtful, false facts... oh sorry Mr 45th President, they are alternative facts now aren't they... alternative facts...that is an insult to our English language, there is no such thing.  I cannot believe a man with such power can be so moronic.

It disgusts me to my very core that someone so high in status can be so greedy as to manipulate thousands to his way of thinking, disparaging and segregating a whole western world over deliberately misleading, well-practised lies.  This has been done once before people, does no-one remember Hitler doing exactly the same with the Jewish people?  Today's UK and USA leaders have only replaced the word Jew with Muslim, and yet so many people are falling for this rubbish.

I ask simply that you stop and think before posting these pictures with words anyone could type, thus segregating out Muslims.  I ask that you stop and check the facts of everything you read and I ask that you stop and think about this following statement each, and every time you go to post such hateful and false information...

If you have a child, do you want that child to grow up tainted with hate, racism, or bigotry.  Would you prefer a kind hearted, caring individual that brings you so much pride and happiness, that you could burst from watching them flourish,  Can you honestly, hand on heart say you would be proud to see your son or daughter post the same hateful and false information that you do, I hope not, if you can, please remove yourself from my social media.  I care for a little girl and can honestly say I love the way she sees no difference in people, religions, or nationalities, I am so proud of her for being so open towards all people.  My only wish is that she could grow up in a world were these types of labels were gone and everyone could then truly be who they wanted to be without worry.