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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pareidolia OR Seeing things with your Imagination

Please do not look at the pictures until you have read the article and test this psychological phenomenon for yourself.

Looking through my face book today I come across a post that really caught my eye. Now I love cute little rodents such as mice and rats so I follow a group dedicated to posting up cute pictures of these little fellows in their natural habitats. This picture however was not in their natural habitat it was in fact of a rat on MARS? 

Well I just could not believe this at face value so I did some digging and this actually ties in nicely to my previous article (rant) about the teapot. I have enclosed pictures so as you can see what I am referring too but please do not look (Psychologically I know now that I’ve told you not to look you want to so apologies for this but hang in there) 

I dug around on the NASA page and found absolutely nothing to confirm the sighting of rats on Mars (no surprise their heh heh) but I am aware of a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia. Many people are capable of this ability. Keeping the terminology in plain English Pareidolia is the ability to form pictures from shapes and symbols. The mind does this by looking at the visual and then pulling past images from your memory and piecing the image you see together with images you know such as a rock can suddenly be a rat (you can look now ) or a teapot can suddenly resemble Hitler (yes my earlier rant was about this particular teapot).

So there you have it and as a side note, this is where the saying never believe everything you see comes in useful! 

Hitler on a Teapot

Rats on Mars